Why I Chose the Title Slave No More

Juneteenth. Freedom for all.

Fam, part of the reason I wrote Slave No More: Conquering the Master Within is because of the observed parallels between chattel slavery and an enslaved mindset. As a historian and a teacher, I continued to explore this fascinating concept, and the more I studied, the more convinced I became of the parallels.

Both individuals are bound; only one is physically bound to his master/slave owner, and the other is bound to a thought process, past life circumstance, failure, etc.

When we observe those who led the way in the fight for freedom, there was one clear and common trait: a strong, burning vision. That burning desire for freedom allowed them to go against all odds, overcome any adversity that could have been seen as a roadblock, and in the end, accomplish their goal: freedom.

At the same time, the individuals I interviewed overcame an enslaved mindset and showed the exact same characteristics. They had a strong vision that allowed them to overcome obstacles and live a life beyond the limiting thoughts that once held them bound.

Fam, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of interviewing these amazing individuals, learning from them, weaving their real stories through a fictional story line, and coming to the decision that I would be a #SlaveNoMore. I’ve made a decision to no longer be enslaved to limiting thoughts, and choose to overcome that master that held me bound.

What’s your story? Maybe it’s still being written, and that’s all good. In the meantime, preorder my book, and be inspired to walk in your freedom.

Thanks to my former VCU teammate, Devin Fallen, for this amazing artwork.

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